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Would You Track Children with GPS?

satelliteI recently came across an article about a Swedish childcare center that uses GPS to track children on field trips. Opinions must be all over the map on this one. I can picture some parents I know being horrified at the concept, and others comforted.

This is an interesting case to explore the use of technology to further childcare. At BumbleBee, we tend to focus on more the administrative side rather than direct care technologies, but some of the general questions raised still fit. Let’s explore a few…

Does technology take away from the ‘human touch’?

Direct human interaction is the primary “product” of childcare centers, along with a safe and stimulating physical environment. Some uses of technology may get in the way. However, perhaps staff can focus more on interacting with children if they do not have to constantly count heads.

Is this money well spent?

It is hard to put a price on safety of students. Still, such a system is presumably expensive and might be better spent toward staff. Would it be appropriate even if parents were to foot the bill for their own child?

What do YOU think?

Is this smart risk management or just plain crazy? What would parents, staff or management think about such a system in your center?

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