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Top 10 Quotes about Childcare Waiting Lists

Daycare waiting lists are the norm for quality learning centers. It’s a fact. Teachers know it, parents know it and directors own it. There have been a lot of articles in the press highlighting the situation. Here is a collection of the most poignant quotes and articles about day care waiting lists:

  1. “The center won’t list couples who are just thinking about pregnancy.” Early Childhood Focus (2008) – Sheesh. Thank goodness that parents can draw the line somewhere about when they should get on a waiting list.
  2. Supplies to Organize a Daycare
  3. “After you are on the waiting lists, call each facility periodically to keep your registration current and update your contact information.” The Wall Street Journal (2010) — I can still hear the echo of the collective sigh of thousands of day care Directors when I read that nugget.
  4. “The wait list ballooned insanely, finally reaching over 700 people… for 200 spots” NY Times (2008) — I wonder how the mighty Google managed a waiting list that large.
  5. “With more women than ever in the work force, many of the country’s roughly 11,000 nationally accredited child-care centers are full to capacity.” The Wall Street Journal (2010) — The problem is especially true for infant care.
  6. “It doesn’t cost anything to be on a waiting list, so put your name on a couple — ” The Oregonian (2009) — Seems like Oregon is quite different than a lot of areas where waitlist deposits and fees are common.
  7. “Then when I was on maternity leave with my daughter, I got a call that my son (then 3) had moved up to the top of the infant-care list at another day care.” The Satesman (2007) — Glad to see that centers are following through and offering the care once available. Reinforcing the two things (1) there is little incentive to take yourself off the waiting list once you have found or no longer need the care (2) it’s hard for learning centers to quickly see that someone on a waitlist may no longer need the care if offered.
  8. “A week before her daughter was born, a day care told her a spot she’d been waiting on had been taken by a sibling of a student who was already enrolled. I was in tears.” The Statesman (2010) — The emotion and stress parents feel regarding day care are not a joke and very real. The emotions are amplified by the stress of the delivery process too. A little visibility about the waiting list would probably have gone a long way in this situation.
  9. “A survey of childcare centres in Moonee Valley found nine out of 10 centres had a “lengthy waiting list”.” Moonee Valley Leader Online (2011) — Quality, affordable child care is hard to find outside the U.S., including Moonee Valley, Australia, outside Melbourne.
  10. “The doors wouldn’t open for 15 hours, but they started lining up Tuesday evening, prepared to wait all night in their camp chairs and sleeping bags. They weren’t there for U2 concert tickets, the latest “Harry Potter” novel or even an Xbox 360.They were there for preschool.” Seattle Post Intelligencer (2007) — I know it’s corny but I am thinking they are “Sleepless in Seattle” for quality teaching and fun.
  11. “Even though she’s a member of Congress, she has to wait her turn on a waiting list with other Capitol Hill employees at the congressional day care center, which is at capacity. Until he can get in, Henry usually spends his days with a nanny or family.” (2009) — An interesting article on the challenges of child-rearing for female lawmakers. I wonder if the number of seats is battled over as fiercely as congressional districts…
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Jeff is the Director of Marketing and Co-founder of BumbleBee Childcare Software. He lives in Cambridge, MA, in the United States. You can hear more from Jeff on Twitter and Google +.

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