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Tech Tip: Great Photos that Sell Your Child Care Services (Part III)

This article is part of a three part series on taking better photographs if children and childcare center. In the final part, we show you some examples of well-done photographs. Not all of these are professional but they certain are effective in making me want to go see the center for myself. A worthy goal for any child care center website.

child care photographs, child playset, fortress, istanbul

Picture a friend took with a playset next to and ancient fortress in Turkey. I love the contrast of young and old.

Some childcare websites with examples of excellent pictures

  • Turtle Rock (Irvine, CA) – A really great rotating slider with very good examples of getting low and up close.
  • ChildRoots (Portland, OR) – Great pictures of the center that would make any child or adult want to attend. Almost no pictures of children but lots of great naturally lit photos.
  • Bright Horizons (Worldwide) – You might think that Bright Horizons has unlimited resources but I think you could reproduce these photos using the tips we outlined. They are fairly straightforward, good photos. Some are over exposed, soft-focus, and on the child’s level (i.e., not from above). Also note some of the poses (e.g., hands on cheeks).
  • Carnegie Mellon Univ. (Pittsburgh, PA) – Some really basic, lively shots of kids getting down on the level. A variety of different ages and perspectives.

General non-childcare specific sources you reference to improve your pictures

  • Howcast video on baby photos – This is a fun video to watch to learn how to capture your really little ones.
  • Kodak – Some great tips here that will work equally well for digital cameras and cameraphones.
  • Camera Apps noted by Nytimes – Do not hesitate to spend a couple dollars on apps for some really fun photos to boost the images of your childcare center.

Does your child care center have great photos you would like to share? Please let us know!

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