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Manage Schedules with More Flexibility

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In this example, Payton is enrolling for M-W-F and is on the waiting list for his child care to add Tuesday and Thursday

Many BumbleBee customers manage enrollment using detailed schedules. Child enrollment and capacity are tracked by day of the week. Until now, there was only one place per child to track that information. In most cases, that was fine, but it did limit flexibility.

Now, every status entry for a child can include its own schedule information. This enables our customers to track more nuanced schedule information, for cases such as:

  • A child is enrolled for 3 days/week, but on the waitlist the other 2 days
  • An infant is enrolled for 2 days/week, but has accepted an offer for 5-day toddler care starting in two months
  • A school-aged child is enrolled in after-care 5 days/week, but in before-care only 1 day

If your center does not have such complicated scheduling needs, you will see little impact – perhaps some slight re-arrangement of the forms to add a new child. This will not impact customers that only manage full-time enrollment, and do not use detailed schedules.

If your center currently manages this with a spreadsheet and would like to get a more collaborative and robust enrollment solution to mailing spreadsheets back and forth, please let us know. We would be happy to set you up with a demo or a free trial.

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