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Using Gmail at Your Childcare Center

email parents from bumblebee child care software for preschools and day cares

BumbleBee Childcare software Email Parents Button

BumbleBee has a number of ways that users can send emails to families: clicking on a family’s email address, sending bulk/mail-merge messages to selected groups of users (e.g., waitlist, enrolled, alumni), and sending automatic birthday emails.

For most computer operating systems, when you click on an email address in a browser (or spreadsheet, presentation, etc.), in BumbleBee Child Care Software or any webpage, the browser will launch the default email program from you computer: Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox etc.

But what about if your child care center or preschool uses Gmail? I have been asked multiple times if we can launch Gmail with BumbleBee. The answer is “Yes” but today it depends on what browser you use.

If you use Google’s Chrome browser (BumbleBee recommends Chrome or Firefox for security, standards support and performance) when you go to Gmail for the first time, a bar will ask you if you want to use Gmail as your default application handler. If you cancelled this request, it still is possible to use Gmail.

In Chrome, when you go to Gmail, you should see a “double diamond”. Click on that double diamond and it will give you three options.

Gmail for your childcare center

Check “Use Mail ( to open all email links.”

It’s a couple more steps to do so with Gmail in FireFox. Here is a link to the best explanation I found.


The nice thing about Firefox is you can also add Yahoo mail if you happen to use that for you managing your child care center’s email.

Unfortunately, this does not appear possible in Microsoft Internet Explorer (I am not using IE10, currently the latest version). Nor did I see a way to enable this with Hotmail or email, although those may be possible. Also, if you use Safari, this may be possible too.

Are you using Gmail or Google Apps at your child care center?

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