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Early Childhood Educators Should Avoid Internet Explorer

Temporarily avoid Internet Explorer if at all possible. Using Internet Explorer could mean you are unknowingly exposing your childcare center to viruses and malicious software.

Question:“Does it matter which internet browser childcare administrators use?”
Answer: “You betcha!”

The Bottom Line on Browsers for Child care centers: Switching to another browser is not going to end your security risks permanently, but for the near term, it will help you minimize your risks and probably give you some nice features you were not expecting.

While most child care administrators we talk to user either the Firefox or Google Chrome browsers (both are free to install and use), a surprising number still use Internet Explorer. We at BumbleBee highly encourage you to install Firefox or Chrome or contact your technology support staff to request the upgrade. It will likely be a breathe of fresh air and make you wonder why you did not switch sooner. The Opera browser is also an option, but is less common than Firefox or Chrome.

browser market share

Chrome and Firefox are becoming more widely used than Internet Explorer

Why Should Child Care Managers Care?

The German government warned yesterday for people to temporarily stop using Internet Explorer. The problem relates to Java a technology used by the browser You could surf to a website and unknowingly infect your computer with a virus. (Yikes!) It’s a large hole, and needs to be fixed.

Also, older version of Internet Explorer do not automatically update to the latest version. As this blog goes to press, I am writing Chrome 21, but do not ask me what happened to versions 14 through 20. Chrome automatically updates in the background without me moving the mouse.

Worst of all, Internet Explorer’s and browsers lack support for international standards and rules. Have you ever gone to a website and had it look different from your iPad or home browser. This happens more frequently, particularly for IE 8 or lower. This is a constant headache for web page designers and web applications like BumbleBee. Internet Explorer requires a lot of extra cartwheels to make it work.

Get More Done in Less Time

Using a newer browser means you could be getting faster results. How fast things move on the internet depend on many complex factors, but for sure, Internet Explorer’s older versions (version 8 or less) will loses out on any sort of performance test against newer browsers.

How Do I Know which Browser I Am Using?

If your are using a PC click on the menu button “Help” > “About Internet Explorer” that will tell you the version. If that says anything less than 8, you are severely behind and highly vulnerable. If you are using a Mac, it’s extremely unlikely you are using Internet Explorer.

“But I ♥ IE”

The anticipated launch date for Internet Explorer 10 is October 26th. No word one one IE will plug the security hole.

If you really love-love Internet Explorer, the good news is Microsoft intends to fix the bug. Also, on October 26th, the scheduled launch of Explorer 10 will happen. The big downside of that is that Internet Explorer 9 and 10 will both require Windows 7 or 8. I am guessing there are a lot of computers out there in childcare centers that do not run Windows 7 yet.

Side note: As always, keep your anti-virus program up-to-date.

What browser do you use and why?

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Jeff is the Director of Marketing and Co-founder of BumbleBee Childcare Software. He lives in Cambridge, MA, in the United States. You can hear more from Jeff on Twitter and Google +.

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