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Feature: Happy Birthday from Your Child Care Center

Sending birthday emails is not only a good way to recognize developmental milestones but also checkin on administrative issues.

Sending birthday emails is not only a good way to recognize developmental milestones but also checkin on administrative issues.

Today’s is the 20th anniversary/birthday of the World Wide Web. It was this day in 1993 that Tim Berners-Lee released his code, for free to the world. In honor of the day, CERN, the international physics research facility where Bernes-Lee worked, re-released the first webpage (related news story).

In honor of this birthday, we would like to make a formal announcement about automatic birthday emails in BumbleBee to simplify child care management. It’s a new optional feature of BumbleBee that allows you to automatically send a birthday greeting to the parents of your current families and prospective families. This is a good way to touch base with families and was an oft requested feature when we first released BumbleBee.

There are a number of good ways you can use this for helping managmenet at your child care center: (1) wish the family well on the development milestone, (2) request updates to immunization forms for the child, (3) provide tips for each age, (4) see if they still interested in being on the waiting list.

send automatic birthday emails to parents to recognize their children

Sample birthday email print out from BumbleBee

Here are just a few of highlights of the feature:

  • Customizable and format-able email message.
  • Personalized reply address.
  • Send to people on waiting list, enrolled or even just interested.
  • Messages are sent in advance of the birthday with respect to time zones.
  • Checks for twins and potential duplicate addresses.

Birthday emails are a good way wish the family well on the development milestone

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our email for child care management software or other features.

Do you send birthday emails to families today? How do families respond?

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