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About BumbleBee Childcare Software

The Purpose of Our Childcare Software

BumbleBee Child Care Software was created in 2011 to address a fundamental need in society: helping child development professionals focus on developing children.

We cannot do much about actually providing child care, but we can do something about stress and administrative burden of managing a childcare center. Many of the headaches for parents or caregivers come from managing information… directors want a handle on the whole picture and parents want to know where they stand. Doing so with paper, spreadsheets, phone calls and emails is tough on everyone.

We are focused on making childcare software simple, clear, and affordable.

The Team Behind Your Childcare Center

Jeff Holden

Marketing Director, Shade tree Childcare Software Developer and Bread Baker
Jeff is the Marketing Director for BumbleeBee Child Care Software and the only Junior Software developer. Previously, Jeff developed and managed products for major corporations for 15 years. He has a marketing-focused MBA from Carnegie Mellon University. Jeff hangs his hat in The United States in Cambridge, MA (near Boston) and likes baking bread and canning (in true Portlandia fashion) in his spare time. Jeff’s profile.

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Ben Morris

Software Development Director, A Double Plus Dad of Two
After consulting for seven years to the world’s biggest organizations, Ben has turned his management expertise to child care software. Ben used to consult on the thorniest problems, trying to solve road traffic congestion and manage complex technology projects. When Ben is not ridding the world of red tape, he is a father of two adorable children, a web geek, and an amateur photographer.

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The Story Behind our Child Care Software

Back in the summer of 2011, Ben’s two children were in daycare with a beautiful center in Washington, DC. The center director had an unusually large waiting list. One thing lead to another and it turned out we thought managing family data for child care centers was something we could help with. It would be something that could benefit childcare administrators and new parents.

The Story Behind our Name

We wanted something that reflected the underlying product. Bumblebees are known for being tireless and efficient and that is exactly what we want BumbleBee’s childcare management software to be.

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